Monday, June 16, 2008

A Navy Tie Affair: Defined

You might be wondering exactly what A Navy Tie Affair entails. Well we’re here to tell you. Our names are Attly and Will. We represent the ATL and the great state of Texas and are here to serve the world with our grandiose knowledge (thus far) of fashion as we see it. So, who do we think we are making such sweeping statements? Here’s a little background. From the days of mom dressing us in Ralph Lauren corduroys and saddle oxfords, fashion has been in our blood, an innate calling, if you will.

As the years passed, fashion trends have come and gone. Unfortunately, we found ourselves guilty of latching on to some of the bad ones, but hey, who hasn’t been down that road. Nonetheless, we have always stuck out from the crowd and constantly tried to bring something new to the table. Time has been spent honing skills with Neiman Marcus and Ralph Lauren, in fact we are currently working for Ralph Lauren in New York City for the summer. Thus, we decided it would be worthwhile to begin chronicling our style, cool things we’ve found, inspiration and anything else that comes to mind.

So that brings us up to date: A Navy Tie Affair. We don’t wear black. In fact, we loathe black, with the classic tuxedo as a tiny exception. Fashion has forever depended on black as a go-to color for timelessness and elegance, but it’s just so boring. Alas, we have found our wardrobes based around navy instead of black. In essence, we are an update to the classic Black Tie Affair: something for the young, modern and stylish man to take note of and update his basic black with navy. It’s as simple as that.

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