Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bandanas...not just for pirates

Bandanas are not just for pirates anymore. Bandanas are a multipurpose staple to every wardrobe and a great multitasking tool for the modern man. Bandanas can be found in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes. Paul Smith New York has a wide selection of unique bandanas that are full of life and color. We stopped in to browse around and found some authentic bandanas made in Mexico in crazy colors and patterns. We recommend bandanas as headwear, neckwear, an alternative pocket square, and even wristwear. Remember that the key to any great outfit are the details.

Ahead of the curve, we have been sporting bandanas around the neck as a cool touch to get a little edge, and after looking through the copious amounts of pictures from Spring 09 in Europe, Herm├Ęs stole our look! Check it out...and get on the bandana-wagon.

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