Friday, July 25, 2008

Hidden In Plain Sight

Although it is not quite navy (nor classically preppy), camouflage is going be a popular color for the fall and winter. It is beginning to make itself visible in all levels of fashion. Louis Vuitton has introduced a new pattern, which resembles the classic monogram with camouflage background as opposed to the traditional brown. There are stilettos from Christian Louboutin (although not helpful to us men). Canvas totes with camouflage prints are beginning to creep out in departments and specialty stores.

Not only will camouflage (the print itself) be present but so will many military inspired pieces. Military jackets and fatigue pants will be available in many colors, including camouflage, and fabrics. Outerwear will be decked in camouflage as well.

We are not saying that camouflage has never had a presents in fashion but we do feel that this year it will be more pronounced and available then in past years. We think that camouflage may not be for everyone but if you do choose wear it please stick to basic camouflage and not the sand or snow camouflage military forces may be wearing. The fashion styles are much more wearable than actual military prints.

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